Special Boot Camps

Supplier, Planner and Protocol Bootcamps will take place on the afternoon prior to the Welcome Reception, on Tuesday, June 6. 

Supplier Boot Camp - June 6, 2-5p.m. Cost: $100. 
SGMP has seen an increase in questions and members seeking advice on the best practices to market and sell to the government. The economy has impacted the travel and meetings industry, but the government sector remains strong and consistent. If you want to have an edge in the government market, this course is for you. The content for this course includes:

  • First steps for preparing your company to bid on government business
  • How to use System for Award Management (SAm) and other required government bidding processes
  • What you need to know when responding to a government RFP
  • How to follow the methods and rules when responding to a government RFP
  • Ethics in conducting government business
  • How to work with a government planner by following protocol, ethics, standards and practices. 

Planner Boot Camp - June 6, 2-5 p.m. Cost: $100. 
This interactive session will go through the steps of meeting planning from beginning to end. We will share best practices and standards in the industry for setting up an event which includes; timelines, request for proposals, contract negotiations, food and beverages, function room setups, audio visual needs, and sample task lists. We will also discuss industry trends and formulas to know for setups and food and beverage requirement. If you are new or been in the industry for many years, there will be something for everyone.
Protocol Boot Camp - June 6, 2-5p.m. Cost: $100.   
Protocol refers to the set of rules, procedures, conventions and ceremonies that relate to relations between states. In general, protocol represents the recognized and generally accepted system of international courtesy.  In course of time, however, it has come to cover a much wider range of domestic and international relations.  In this seminar, attendees will learn the skills regarding Precedence, Flag Protocol and Gift Giving.     

  • Senior ranking federal government officials, local government officials, leaders from academia and private industry, and family all at your next event!   How do you prioritize them?  Topics: 
  • What is precedence
  • Categories of precedence
  • Determining precedence for your event

US Flag Protocol Topics include:
  • Laws and regulations
  • The National Anthem
  • Patriotic Customs - displaying the U.S. Flag  
  • Other Flags (International, state, organizational, positional & personal)
  • Precedence of flags

Gift giving is an international custom and in business.  Gifts are tokens used to establish, influence, or build relationships.  Topics include;
  • Gift questions to ask
  • International gift giving
  • Presentation of gifts and gift wrapping
  • Gifts to think twice about
  • eEthical questions to ask about gift giving