Charting Your Leadership Course

2017 Closing Keynote speaker Dale Henry is back again but this time to share his long time wisdom on leadership.  Join us on a wonderful day long adventure on leadership and how to chart your own course. 

Look for more details coming soon!!

Dr. Dale Henry grew up in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains, an area that is bountiful in two things – hospitality and story-telling. Dr. Dale has been a teacher, principal. Dean of the oldest college in Tennessee – Tusculum College, Vice-President of Bethel College, as well as a businessman, author, speaker and trainer. Dale has been in customer service over half his life. His story telling propelled him as a teacher. Combine that with his customer service back-ground and his unique ability to captivate audiences, and it’s no wonder that he has given over 3000 presentations to corporations, government agencies and organizations, and is one of the most requested speakers in the country. He is a master teacher in every aspect of the term and he is what motivational speakers aspire to become.