Session Preview: The Butterfly Effect – Leading with Resiliency


Resiliency is something that everyone could use more of, no matter their station in life and especially after the last few years.

Who would have thought millions would be laid off? Businesses shut down? Schools closed? Working from remote offices? Are investments taking a major hit? Afraid to be close to one another? Hug each other? Shake hands? Once again, we had to tap into our well of resiliency—the ability to recover from sudden changes or hardships.

Developing Resiliency

Resiliency helps us to adapt successfully to the changes around us and recover from the stress of adversity. In other words, how will we manage all of the new “normals” presented to us when we return to work, reopen our businesses, and begin networking once again?

Can you develop resiliency? Absolutely. But are you willing to take on a major challenge? Are you willing to change your views, habits, and responses by modifying your thoughts and actions? By improving in all of these areas, you will increase your ability to adapt to sudden change.

Michele WierzgacAcceptance of Change

Change is constant—we hear this phrase all of the time—and to many, the word evokes the feeling of fear. Why? We may lose control. We may feel uncomfortable because we do not want to admit a weakness. Resilient leaders accept change and adapt. If you are uncomfortable with change, seek out new challenges that will stretch your skills. Take a serious look at what changes you can control within your organization. The changes you cannot control (i.e. pandemics, virtual work environment, downsizing) require you to control your emotions.

Continuous Learning

Acquiring new skills and improving upon our old skills are at the heart of resiliency. Perhaps learning to work remotely will be the new normal for you. There is great comfort and security with being familiar with your old self. But if you do not learn new skills, the odds increase that you will feel less competent during a challenging situation. Take a look at the success you have had during the past two years. What have you learned? What knowledge did you draw upon? Resilient leaders draw on past experiences.

Sense of Purpose

Being resilient is understanding what your most important value is. What do you do at work and at home that reflects this value? A sense of purpose signifies a direction you are going in, your aspirations, motivation, and persistence. A resilient leader’s confidence is directly related to their sense of purpose.

“You Must Earn Credibility, Not Expect It”

You must work at building and maintaining credibility so others are confident about doing business with you. One way to earn credibility is to keep your promises. Another way to earn credibility is honesty. Resilient leaders know that their decisions reflect on many brands. These brands include family name, reputation, company, and industry. Your leadership brand will sell naturally, so make your brand work for you.

The Butterfly Effect and Resiliency

The butterfly effect is a common metaphor for illustrating that small change emerges when there is chaos or a crisis. Eventually, the small change will lead to a much larger change for the future.

Since you have emerged from your cocoon (prefer this word over quarantine), what changes have you been facing? What changes have you developed or supported? Did you have the courage to tap into your well of resiliency? Are your eyes be wide open to a fresh perspective? Are you willing and able to help others to endure the rigors of the butterfly effect?

Learn More at 2022 NEC

Join me, Michele Wierzgac, MSEd, Speaker and Author, my breakout session: “The Butterfly Effect: Leading with Resiliency” at SGMP’s NEC Conference on Thursday, June 16, 2022 from 10:30 am – 11:30am in the Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown – Grand Ballroom 3.

I promise you will take away at least one passionate, life-transforming, leadership tool – something that will change the way you seek out solutions and practically apply it without getting stuck. Register today if you have not already.

About Michele Wierzgac

Michele Wierzgac, MSEd, CMMMichele Wierzgac, MSEd, CMM, is a leadership expert, keynote speaker and author of the forthcoming book, Ass Kicking Women: How They Leverage Their Informal Networks for Success. With her high-energy presentations, Michele conveys sound leadership solutions and promotes audience engagement and on-your-feet participation. She promises her audience that they will leave her solution-driven keynotes and workshops with at least one life-transforming leadership tool. In her spare time, Michelle is a Rider Coach for Harley-Davidson’s Motorcycle Riding Academy. She has a master’s degree in Educational Administration and Leadership from Illinois State University, where she also earned an undergraduate degree in Physical Education and Athletic Coaching while playing volleyball on an NCAA scholarship. For an impactful and resilient speaker, call Michele at (708) 710-7055 or email her at