2019 Superhero Circle Winners


Congratulations to Our 2019 Superhero Circle Winners!

High fives to Joyce Fogg, SGMP Old Dominion Chapter, and Chris McLaughlin, SGMP National Capital Chapter, for receiving the Top Planner and Top Supplier Superhero Award as part of SGMP’s Superheroes Circle this year. Fogg recruited six new members and McLaughlin recruited five new members. In addition to custom superhero capes and SGMP totes, both Fogg and McLaughlin will receive a complimentary registration to 2020 NEC to be held May 19-21 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Along with Fogg and McLaughlin’s recruitment efforts, twenty-three other SGMP Superheroes encouraged two or more friends and colleagues to join our Society. At 2019 NEC, we recognized all of our Superheroes with two or more referrals on stage where received special logo tote and a round of applause from attendees.

From September 2018 through the end of April 2019, 91 SGMP Superheroes representing 18 chapters referred friends and colleagues to SGMP! Collectible pins were mailed out to each Superhero member to wear to upcoming SGMP meetings and events.

All in all, 126 new members joined SGMP by referral during the Superheroes Circle Campaign – driving our collective momentum forward this year.

Way to go, SGMP Superheroes!

Joyce Fogg*
Chris McLaughlin*
Michelle Hawkins*
Almeda Kyser*
Therese Palermino*
Chris Ward*
Susan Bailey*
Ruth Bilbo*
Susan Blaine*
Brittany Callahan*
Mary Kay Campbell*
Tecumseh Deloney*
Janice Harvey*
Dawn Jakutowicz*
Sandra Kent*
Debbie McCune*
Holly Miller*
Tammy Novak*
Debbie O’Reilly*
Ksenia Poteraj*
Chris Rowley*
Christina Saragnese*
Brittany Tebben*
Melissa Adams
Hope Adams
Renee Alexander
Josh Anderson
Stephanie Archibold-Massey
Marie Arighi
Rene Atkins
Robin Bammert
Clarence Boone
Theresa Campos
Onitsha Davenport
Karen Davis
Rose Dudycha
Becki Ellison
Michelle Fink
Colleen Flage
Suzanne Fogle
Morgan Garguilo
Terra Gibson
Janell Giles
Nancy Gregory
Dawn Halbrook
Jan Hebekeuser
Patti Ingelson
Curley Jones
Jennifer Jorgensen
Nicole Kever-Torres
Jenni Kistler
Lauren Lariviere
Harlan Lee
Rebecca Llewellyn
Andy Masters
Shamillian Mathis
Stephanie McBride
Corliss McCain
Stacy Merritt
Stephanie Miszkowski
Erika Noyes
Kara Null
Elizabeth Perrin
Zakiya Pettit
Mark Richardson
Alexandra Risher
LoWanda Rivers
Margaret Rowland
Eric Satre
Heidi Schmitt
Ashley Schoneman
Susan Shaffette
Andrew Silver
Lauren Siring
Delores Sisson
Jacqueline Smith
Hailey Taitano
Pam Temple
Theresa Thomas
Kari Thompson
Rochelle Trygar
Gary Turner
Keri Voelker
Aisha Walker
Mike Washkevich
Gay Watkins
Carolyn Wence
James Williamson
Sonja Wood
Allison Woodard
Jennifer Wynn